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Low Prices in Alexandria VA

Moving can be expensive, especially if you hire full-service movers who have fees and extra charges, truck and equipment fees, packing materials, stair fees and too many to list, honestly.

At Smart Movers, we do things differently. We provide Low Prices in Alexandria VA of moving services at your doorstep. professional movers and equipment for a low, all-inclusive price. We have no other fees or charges. Pricing starts at $40 an hour, whether you need a one-man or a four-person crew, we have got you covered.

Our most popular package is a two-man crew for $70 an hour. This allows you to save money by buying your own packing supplies and providing your own truck you eliminate moving companies’ high fees and jacked up rates. This is 100% the most affordable way to move. We have a two-hour minimum on all jobs.

If you are satisfied by our services and pricing, give us a call. We’ll be happy to serve you on time. Customer satisfaction is our top-most priority and we’ll work hard to ensure it.


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